If you haven't seen it yet, Comet NeoWise is quite a spectacle in our skies. It's even more spectacular if you're on board the International Space Station as this new video proves.

Space Videos shared this just a few days ago showing Comet NeoWise becoming visible over the horizon slowly but surely. Spoiler alert: it doesn't really get good until around the 5:45 mark.

As it crests the horizon, you can begin to see its tail appear.

Space Videos via YouTube
Space Videos via YouTube

If the weather remains clear at night, you can see Comet NeoWise over Wyoming. Space.com had some good tips about how to find it.

So, we at Space.com feel that the best time to view the comet during the evening will come during the July 14-19 time frame.

That's now, by the way. Look to the northwest toward Ursa Major as its heading toward the Big Dipper over the next few days. Oh, and if you take any sweet pics, please share. It's not every day that you get to see a comet like this without the assistance of a telescope.

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