It would be a good idea to stay on the good side of this lady. She's just shared a video of her shooting a Lifesaver out of thin air with an arrow.

According to the video details, this young woman with mad bow and arrow skills lives in Texas. She taught herself how to shoot. All I can say is she must be an excellent teacher. Watch this.

Despite my love for archery as a kid, I never really got into it growing up. It wasn’t until I started graduate school at SMU Cox School of Business that I woke up one Saturday and thought how great it would be to have the time to pick up an outdoor hobby like archery.

So, she taught herself archery. You can put a check in that box for job well done.

I have a life-long friend named Randy Oitker who also happens to be a world-class archer. He holds the Guiness Book of World Records. He has shot 7 balloons with 7 arrows in one shot. He was also on season 7 of America's Got Talent.

I think even Randy would be impressed with this girl's self-taught archery skills. Mad props to her. Maybe we'll see her on TV in the future, too.

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