This weekend was the opening of rifle season for Antelope for all three of the boys in their area, for those in my family that are old enough to hunt.

Those being my husband Jim, eldest son Bridger, and middle son Keegan.  They have been hunting since the 15th of August when their area opened for Archery Season, but they were not able to connect with the bucks they had been scouting until Saturday.

Those of you that hunt with bows, know that Antelope are probably the most difficult to hunt with your bow, so the boys were all pretty excited to go out and be able to get close enough to shoot something.  They had seen several bucks that they thought they might like to harvest and Keegan had expressed interest in the buck you see in this picture, so he was the one lucky enough to take home this prize.

Keegan made a great stalk with his dad and was able to take him down with a great shot right at 290 yards.    Way to go bud!

Now, this is only the beginning of my life as a hunting widow, Jim & Bridger still have their Antelope tags to fill and all three of them still have Elk & Deer to harvest.  I'll be sure to keep you up to date on their progress and happy hunting to you all!