This is not an unusual sight for us that live in Wyoming. But, for one guy who was driving through the state, he was amazed at the sheep herd next to the highway that kept on going and going and going.

It wasn't the video that was funny to me. It was the response of this guy who took the video on his phone. Here's what he said in the YouTube description:

We were on our way to Laramie and ran into this herd of sheep between Cokesville and Kemmerer. I thought it was cool so I managed to get my phone out on time and took the video. Holy Sheep was my first reaction seeing a neverending herd of them.

I will admit that even by Wyoming standards, this is a lot of sheep.

I would advise this guy to check out WyoHistory's story on the Wyoming sheep business. They share the words of a prospector from back in 1871 who bragged about the high quality of mutton that can be grown in Wyoming.

Not meaning to brag, but no state does sheep better than Wyoming. Truth.

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