I have found a piece of Wyoming history that present day folks need to be reminded of. It's a nearly 100 year old video of a rodeo in Dubois, Wyoming and it's a true classic.

According to the YouTube share, this is from a rodeo in Dubois in 1927. Here's more of what they said about how this video was found:

Home movie footage of a 1927 rodeo in Dubois, Wyoming. I think the high speed is due to a faulty transfer done in the late 1930s. According to what's written on the can, the Indians are Arapahoes. The footage came from a wealthy Illinois family who used to vacation at a dude ranch in Wyoming.

The wild and raw power of an old-school Wyoming rodeo is very evident in this vintage film. This is true cowboy stuff. Classic Wyoming.

I noticed on the Travel Wyoming website that there's another rodeo in Dubois this Friday night. Thankfully, there's the latest safety gear and professional bullfighters that work to keep the cowboys safe. But, the spirit is still there and this video is a reminder that the raw Wyoming rodeo will never die.

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