I have found a movie that should be mandatory watching in October. It's called "Cowboys" and a lot of it was filmed in Wyoming.

Before I started bragging on how good this looks, check out the trailer for yourself.

"COWBOYS: A Documentary Portrait"- Official Trailer from ultralitefilms on Vimeo.

Here's how the filmmakers describe this epic piece of film:

Told in the cinematic tradition of classic westerns, this feature-length documentary offers viewers the rare opportunity to ride alongside modern working cowboys on some of America's largest and most remote cattle ranches.

Here's the best part though:

Filmed on locations across the American West, COWBOYS features historic ranches in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Nevada.

The Vimeo share says this movie is debuting in Austin in October. Based on this trailer, this looks to be a can't-miss movie event for all of us Wyoming cowboys - whether we're actual working cowboys or cowboys at heart.

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