Nothing is more amazing than watching a sheepdog doing its job.

Watching a sheepdog follow seemingly simple hand and whistle commands to help move sheep wherever the rancher wants is always impressive.

But, anyone that's tried to train their dog to follow commands like sit or stay knows that it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve that level of expertise.

I came across this hilarious video of a sheepdog that is obviously just beginning their training...and it was so darn cute I had to share.

I hope you took some time to read a few of the comments, they are almost as good as the video.

I can't decide what my favorite part of this video is.

The Collie is obviously living his best life, tail wagging, and tongue out as the little lamb chases him around.

He has no idea that he's completely shaming his ancestors (and hundreds of years of careful breeding) with his behavior.

The lamb, on the other hand, seems singlehandedly focused on running the show.

Jumping at the dog and leading him where she wants with a well placed "baa".

Perhaps this is the beginning of a new twist on the story of "Babe" the sheep herding pig?

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