Golf was not invented in America.

But it sure has taken over the nation.

There are 8,776 Golf Courses & Country Clubs businesses in the US as of 2023.

With so many Americans into the sport, it makes sense that we would find a bald eagle playing with a golf ball, because - 'Merica!

I went to Stumpy Lake Natural Area in Virginia Beach and it was frozen over. I walked out on the dock because I had seen a Bald Eagle fly close by while I was in the parking lot. I noticed a couple of bald eagles walking on the frozen lake and then saw that one of them was playing with a golf ball, so I proceeded to record some of the action. (Viral Hog).

Too bad there's not a flag and a hole to drop it in.

Still, he seems to be having a great time.

For a moment it looks like his friend is going to join in.

This could go from gold to soccer.

After seeing this video we have to wonder, is this the only time an eagle found a gold ball and decided to play with it?

Can't be.

Well, it's not. There are several videos out there.

Not sure what the eagle thinks the golf ball is.

Some birds think it's an egg and try to rescue it from the golfers.

Not the case with eagles, it seems.

In the video above the bird steals it.

Who knows what he plans to do with it.

But in most cases, eagles just enjoy kicking the ball around and watching it roll.

Now if we could just teach them to kick it into the hole.

They see those humans do that often enough.

You would think they would get the idea.

What do you do if an eagle decides to play with your golf ball?

Some people might just chase the bird away.

But this is the era of the cell phone.

That means shooting a video and posting it.

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