There's a new video that has surfaced of stupid tourists taking really close-up pictures of bison in Wyoming. Sigh.

According to the description, this tourist/bison encounter happened last September in Teton County. Here's how ViralHog described it on YouTube:

A busload of International tourists were very excited to see bison in the wild. They fail to acknowledge how dangerously close they are, since Bison can run faster than we can.

For fun, let's Google "how fast can a bison run". As you'll see on the bison Wikipedia page, it's around 40 mph.

Now, as a follow-up, let's Google "how fast can a human run". Live Science says the fastest human (Usain Bolt) could run 28 mph, but 40 mph is hypothetically possible. It's safe to say none of these tourists are as fast as Usain Bolt which means they're as good as gone if one (or all) of these bison take a dislike to them.

It was last June that CBS News reported that a woman in Yellowstone was gored by a bison. Will they never learn?

Note to bus driver of international tourists: please do not open the door and let the tourists out next time you see a bison herd. Thanks.

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