This hunting trip certainly didn't go as planned. Two hunters shared video as they were joined in their stand by a very fast climbing bear cub.

Just watch how fast this cub scaled this tree.

The hunter shared some backstory about what happened:

there was no momma around for everyone commenting, the bear was old enough now to be on its own and the mom pushed the cub away, so why did this bear climb my stand? Well simply because it had a big piece of food in its mouth and the other bear ( 4-5 years of age) didn’t like that so it chased that bear for the food

I think he's kinda making a leap of faith by trusting that momma isn't around. You have to imagine that bear sow was looking for her cubs and with their sense of smell, it wouldn't take long for her to find them.

I can honestly say that I've never seen a cub climb a tree as fast as this little one did. As Bear Smart shares, black bears tend to be more aggressive in trees than they are on the ground. The speed at which one of these animals can ascend to this height is daunting. Be glad it was a small cub fleeing a sibling and not an adult hunting prey (meaning them).

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