Why Is It Hazy Across Wyoming?
The National Weather Service is reporting that the haze we are seeing across Wyoming and the West is something that we can blame on Canada.
This haze appears to have originated from very large fires that have been ongoing across northern Alberta (and places farther north)...
Eli Young Band Score First No. 1 Single in Canada
Hot on the heels of their previous hit single, ‘Crazy Girl,’ going gold, Eli Young Band are now moving on to celebrate another hit, which has topped the Canadian country singles chart. ‘Even if It Breaks Your Heart’ has become the band’s fi…
How Much Do Americans Love Canada?
According to a new Gallup poll, United States citizens truly love our neighbors to the north — in fact, in the company’s annual favorability ratings, 96 percent of Americans said they have a generally favorable view of Canada, while only three percent view it unfavorably.
“Ohh,” Canada!
Wow!  Hope this isn't something that could come to the U.S.A anytime soon, either.  This could definitely curtail the late night "surfing."