I would argue that it's not possible to come up with this kind of genius invention unless you're at least 75% redneck. A man has devised a way to cross a frozen lake with practically no effort whatsoever.

There are really no words that can convey the brilliance that you're about to witness. The video will tell the story, but I'll add a little backstory. There are 3 things to know about this.

1. A man came up with this idea (shocking)

2. He's Canadian (explains a lot)

3. You only need an umbrella to do it yourself (and a frozen lake)

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The guy's name is Devin Jensen and he's a modern day Einstein. He is quoted as saying this. Pay attention cause he is a genius:

“Not only was it snow-free, but it was also perfectly smooth and flat, which made for an amazing afternoon,” he said.

Watch this.

How about that? Mary Poppins has nothing on this guy.

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