In our current world of controversy, there are still some sweet innocent moments if you look hard enough. There's a new video showing a sweet 3-year-old girl singing her horses to sleep.

This little girl's name is Myf. Her horses are Chester and Teddy. This is what happened when she started singing to them.

According to the video description, this moment happened in Australia. Here's how they described what happened:

This is 3-year-old Myf singing to her horses, Chester and Teddy. She climbed up on an old strainer post while singing. The horses wandered up to investigate and ended up being serenaded to sleep.

This reminds me of the funny video from many years ago that showed the singing coming from the horse instead of the girl.

OK, so maybe not. It's still a breath of fresh air from the heavy news we're dealing with in 2020 to have just a little moment of horse-loving innocence.

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