Did You Know There is a Wyoming in Australia?
Happy Australia Day, mate. Observed every year on Jan. 26, the celebration commemorates the landing of the first British ships on the continent in 1778.
Not far from Port Jackson, New South Wales, where the fleet first raised the British flag 238 year ago, lies the town of Wyoming...
Naked Australian Man Streaks Through Weather Report [VIDEO]
We don’t know what it is exactly, but Australia has been having its fair share of great news bloopers recently. This video of a streaker running behind a 9News weatherman as he reports on the bitter cold temperatures in the mountain town of Katoomba (about 60 miles west of Sydney) is no exception. B…
Miranda Not Going Down Undah
Miranda Lambert, apparently sick of winning loads and loads of accolades, nominations, and awards, has had to cancel her upcoming Australian appearances with Alan Jackson due to illness.
Cyclone “Yasi’s” Path Of Destruction (PHOTOS)
Cyclone Yasi, a category 5 cyclone, and the biggest to hit Australia since 1918 is now history, all except for the wake of destruction left behind.  Fortunately, despite some very dire predictions, only one casualty is being reported so far.  Searches are being conducted for the missing.   The situa…
More Prayers Needed For Australia (UPDATE)
Struggling with bitter cold the last few days, it's hard to imagine anyone bearing it worse than we have.  Well, we look like the Bahamas compared to what Australia is going through; a deadly cyclone the likes of which the continent/country hasn't faced since 1918.
Buffet “5 O’Clocked, Somewhere” In Australia (PHOTOS)
According to TMZ,  Jimmy Buffett was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital in Sydney, Australia last night, after falling off of the stage during a performance.
The fall was apparently serious enough to render him unconscious for at least 10 minutes.  At last report he was in stable conditio…