I believe that most tourists mean well, but that doesn't mean that it's OK when they get too close to wildlife like this couple did in the Grand Tetons this year.

The couple said on YouTube that they were hiking the Cascade Canyon area near Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park. That's approximately here.

Google Maps
Google Maps

These two come face to snout with several bears and moose. Again, I have no doubt they're nice people and have good intentions, but the commit some big no-no's on this video. First, the lady actually appears to walk TOWARD the bear that's moving away from them with her phone camera. Second sin: one bear they see coming over the ridge does not seem to know they're there. They wait and start talking as he's passing by on the trail right above them. It's a very bad idea to surprise a bear.

Then, there's the moose they video up close. Even with the zoom on their lens, they had to be no more than 50 feet away. If that big dude took a dislike to them, he'd close that distance in no time with a charge.

There's a reason why the National Park Service has bear safety tips galore. This couple look like they were hiking at dawn which increases the chance you're gonna run into a bear. Making sounds when the bear is far off is also recommended so you don't surprise the animal and appear as a threat.

This couple is either naive or very cool customers. The fact that they don't seem to feel any fear for how close they came to death is worrisome. They're fortunate that they can look back and laugh about this now instead of becoming a sad headline.

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