If you are of the opinion that drones are a public nuisance, I have found some new tech that you will love. It's a drone-killer that can destroy multiple flying pests without breaking a sweat.

This is called the Drone Dome. Watch it in action.

Popular Mechanics did a feature on this very efficient anti-drone weapon. It's made by a company called Rafael's Advanced Defense Systems. They report that this anti-drone weapon is so lethal to drones, all it needs to do is lock on and the drone is goners. It can even handle the erratic movements of drones once the lock is in place.

As you can see in the video demo, the Drone Dome fries the camera in the drone, then knocks it out of the sky. The pic of the smoldering heap of drone remnants is enough to put a smile on any freedom-loving Wyoming resident that thinks big brother needs to leave well enough alone.

PetaPixel reports that Rafael's is an Israeli company that knows a thing or two when it comes to air combat. They said that the Drone Dome can spot (and annihilate) a drone over 2 miles away.

If you recall, there have been mysterious drones reported over Wyoming and Colorado in 2020. Maybe we just need a Drone Dome to take care of this little problem.

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