This woman deserves an award. She decided she would play a trick on her gullible friend by pretending to be an automated calling service. She nailed it.

Here's what she had to say for herself on YouTube:

I pranked a friend with my automated voice and it worked.

Yes, you better believe it worked. Her friend apparently plays the game Fortnite and she's telling him he's been selected for a prize. Here's one of our favorite parts that involves our state:

Her - "Please state the state your entry was submitted."

Friend - "Kentucky"

Her - "I heard Wyoming. Is that correct?"

This goes on and on where she asks him to press one at least 20 times and tells him he's either answered wrong or pressed the wrong number.

If you have ever wanted to mess with a friend, this is a harmless (and hilarious) way to pull it off. Her voice is perfect compared to the robo-callers we all have to deal with.

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