Norwegian vlogger that goes by the name "Harald Baldr" travels all over the world and shares his experiences with his YouTube channel.

One of his latest videos is a review/ tour of the historic wild west hotel called "The Occidental Hotel" in Buffalo, Wyoming.  The hotel was built in 1880 and still holds true to it's wild west roots. Some of the famous Old West figures at one time or another walked the same floors. Like Teddy Roosevelt, Butch Cassidy, Buffalo Bill, Calamity Jane and Tom Horn are just a few of the famous/infamous guests. The hotel keeps the history alive with artifacts, historical pieces and stories about the historic hotel. If you're staying at the hotel, all of the guest rooms are named after historic names and locations that play a role in the wild west history and even much of the furniture in the guest rooms date back over 100 years old.

In this very detailed and informative video Harald and his friend go on a personal tour of the hotel with the receptionist named "Nancy". She takes the guys to many of the rooms, gives them the history of the hotel and even shares some of the ghost stories that have happened along the way.

It's really neat to see the excitement that the guys have about the hotel. As a matter of fact, in the beginning of the tour part of the video, he mentioned that he was a little nervous about giving the hotel the credit it deserves and restarted the filming process many times to get it right.

If you're interested in booking a room at the Occidental, you won't find it on any of the travel sites like Orbitz or Travelocity, you'll have to go to and book your room directly from there.

The video is an interesting take on an interesting piece of Wyoming history!

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