I have seen a few encounters between Wyoming grizzlies and wolves, but I've never seen them share a kill until now.

James Yule recently shared this video of a grizzly who had apparently made off with a wolf kill and was having a feast. As soon as the wolf entered the picture, I expected a fierce face off. My guess is that the wolf by himself wouldn't have had much of a chance without some big time assistance by the pack.

In this case, the grizzly more or less allows the wolf to get his turn on the kill. Was he cutting the wolf some slack out of some remorse for stealing it? Doubtful.

I didn't realize that this isn't uncommon at all. NBC News even did a feature a few years ago about how grizzlies benefited from the increased presence of wolves in Yellowstone. Who knew? Apparently everyone but me.

The coexistence between grizzlies and wolves doesn't always end this way as this video share from this past spring proves.

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