Survival of the fittest is something that we are all familiar with here in Wyoming.

After all, if you can make it through your first February here we consider you one our own.

When we talk about animals fighting in Wyoming the conversation often includes Bears.

A grizzly bear and a pack of wolves fighting over a carcass isn't uncommon, and to see buffalo fighting is expected almost daily during the rutting season.

I've even seen a murder of crows attacking an owl.

When two animals battle, the strongest is the one that comes out victorious, but sometimes the result can be surprising.

Like this video of a Bullsnake attacking a rabbit.

My money was on the Bullsnake...and that turned out to be a mistake.

Apparently, rabbits are the secret ninjas of the animal world.

They can bite, they can flip, and they aren't afraid to chase a Bullsnake outta their space.

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Wasn't that insanely impressive?

Mama rabbits have been known to be especially aggressive and I'd be willing to bet that this rabbit had some babies hid out somewhere nearby.

She wasn't simply okay with surviving this snake attack by fighting back, she made sure that this Bullsnake knew that it better get the heck out of dodge.

I imagine that she told him to (get out and stay out) as she tried to bite the Bullsnake's tail one last time as it slinked away as fast as it could.

And seriously, how impressive was that backflip at the beginning?

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