You've heard the saying "there's power in numbers", right? A pack of Wolves in Yellowstone show that is absolutely true, even when they're fighting off a Grizzly.

The wolf population had nearly become extinct until they were classified as an endangered species in 1973 and the greater Yellowstone Ecosystem became one of three recovery areas. In the mid 1990's 41 wolves were released into Yellowstone and through time, many have moved out of the area where they are not protected. There are an estimated 528 wolves in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (between 12-20 MILLION acres in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho), with about 8 packs with 94 wolves in Yellowstone NP. Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is home to nearly 730 Grizzly bears with about 150 living in Yellowstone park. The Grizzly is listed as a "Threatened Species", but researchers believe the population is doing well.

The problem between Wolves and Grizzlies, they're both competing for food and dominance. In a one on one battle, there is little doubt that a lone wolf could match up with a full grown, mature Grizzly bear. In a street fight with no rules, a pack of wolves stand a much better chance of putting up a fight.

In this video taken in the fall of 2020 by TiedToNature on Youtube, you see the curious Grizzly trying to find out what the Pack is up to and quickly moves in closer for a better look. Upon arriving, the "strength in numbers" mentality kicks in and the pack surrounds the Grizzly, eventually forcing him to retreat and rethink his approach.


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