In these trying times, we all face a struggle of one type or another or all of the above. There's a new video that helps put that in perspective a little bit as it shows what happens when two bears face-off to see which one will rule an area.

The Smithsonian just shared this epic confrontation between two male bears for dominance of an area and mating rights. It's as epic as you might imagine.

This encounter will be a part of a special that will air on The Smithsonian Channel on April 16. That show will also feature a pack of wolves that manage to distract the bears and steal part of their kill.

While we humans attempt to procure vast amounts of toilet paper and become discouraged when we're unable to do so, bears and wolves give us perspective on how easy we have it. I doubt any of us will have to face any kind of fury like this. If we do, we truly are in trouble.

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