Doc and I often have tons of side conversations off the air.

A few days ago we chatted about the fact that our spouses both have full access to our phone.

We began to wonder if this is the norm, so we asked YOU.

It seems that the overwhelming majority of you are just like Doc and I. You have no problem letting your partner have full access to your phone.

Angie said: We have the same passcode...we have nothing to hide.

Erica said:  Yes. That would be a horrible existence always trying to keep something hidden.

We agree with Erica...especially with how often I leave my phone laying out in completely random places!

Erin responded:  Yep! Who else is going to respond to my texts for me while I'm busy cooking dinner!? 😁

I find myself in this same predicament often Erin!

Michael shares his phone with his wife: Yep! She uses mine sometimes cause her screenshot doesn't work. Nothing to hide!

It seems that the majority of our listeners are trusting folks with nothing to hide, and I can't help but be proud of that.

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