One of the best things about technology is how we can all simply pull out our phones and get amazing videos of whatever we find.

From phenomenal landscapes to rare animal sightings you can find it all.

When I came across a video of two hunters in Idaho with the caption "well that was unexpected" you better believe I had to watch it.

They're walking along and come by a fairly large hole, which honestly is fairly normal.

My own guess was that a Badger was going to come rip-roaring out of that hole and come after them ready to kill them both.

And I'm even going to admit that I was holding the phone away from my face and actually tilting my body to try and get a better look at what was in the hole...what can I say? I get into these videos.

I was just as surprised as the guys filming when I saw what was REALLY in the hole and I bet you will be too.

@kaleb_young27well that was unexpected... ##unexpected ##hunting ##idaho ##dontcallpeta♬ original sound - Kaleb Young

Can I just say, if I was these guys I would have not stayed and filmed longer when I realized it was a Bear in the hole.

Yes, it is sleepily blinking its eyes, but isn't there a phrase about not waking a sleeping bear? And if there isn't, there should be!

And kudos to the friend that said "This is not smart."

Yet still supporting his buddy anyway lol.

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