As more and more cities are allowing their citizens to raise chickens in their backyards, chickens are rising in the animal ranks and turning into pets.

It makes sense to me.

After all, chickens are way less work than a cat or dog, and they definitely have personality.

We currently have 15 (give or take) chickens and there are some standouts for sure.

"HeiHei" a polish chicken named after Disney's Moana's buddy, loves to hang out on your shoulder and will gladly spend her entire day following my kids.

"Mother Clucker" immediately runs up to anyone that enters the coop and tilts her head in an inquiring way and stays underfoot until you pet her.

"Cluck Norris" is one of our newest chicks and while a bit abused by the older girls, she remains happy and cheerful, running too and fro excited about anything and everything...or maybe she just has anxiety issues.

While I enjoy the many and varied personalities in our chicken flock, I must confess that I was not jumping up and down to buy one of the chicken leashes Doc told us about a few weeks ago.

But, I was intrigued when I saw this article on about a chicken swing.

The Chicken Network via Etsy
The Chicken Network via Etsy

Yup, you read that right, a swing for chickens.

Apparently, this isn't any old Chicken Swing. Nope. This one is crafted by "Levi" an Amish builder.

Only the best for our chickens am I right?

I headed to the site that creates and sells these luxury chicken swings and was admittedly a bit shocked at the cost.


To me, that seems a bit pricey, but obviously, not to everyone because I just looked at the site and they are now completely sold out.

Don't worry though, I found a site that was more than happy to show us how to make our own chicken swing. Like most DIY projects it's also way cheaper than buying one!

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