With the COVID-19 induced quarantine, many families took to the sidewalks and created fun and inspiring art.

My kids and I did the same thing, but what we did couldn't really be called "art".

Over the last few years, artists have taken sidewalk art to a whole new level.

Among the most well known are Joe and Max.


Depending on the purpose of the drawing the 3D sidewalk art, it may not actually be made with chalk.

With so many people wanting to interact with the art, many artists find that paint is actually a better medium for their work.

This requires permits and permission from the city (much like a mural would) so if you're thinking about creating your own painting make sure you go through the correct avenues.

Other artists actually create their designs on tarps in a studio and then roll them out in the area they've chosen to display their work.

Oil pastels have a bold bright look and allow artists to create more realistic art than chalk, yet it still washes away. This makes it the choice of many artists no wanting to leave their mark permanently.

Are you thinking about trying to create some of your own 3D sidewalk art?

Here is a how-to video we found that explains how to make your very own brain-boggling sidewalk art.

I feel fairly confident that we have more than one artist that lives here locally that can create these fun interactive works of art right here.

We just need to find them a spot...

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