It isn't easy being a bison inside of Yellowstone National Park. There's new webcam video that shows a herd that found themselves surrounded by a wolf pack near Old Faithful.

Yellowstone National Park just dropped this video on their Facebook page today.

As you can see from the Facebook share, this was their way of reminding everyone that they're celebrating 25 years of wolves being reintroduced into the Yellowstone ecosystem.

Science Alert has an interesting article about the introduction of the 14 wolves back in 1995 and how they changed Yellowstone forever.

The official Yellowstone National Park website estimates that there are somewhere between 60 to 80 wolves in 8 or 9 packs inside the park. They estimate over 500 wolves in the overall Yellowstone area.

The pro-wolf crowd will tell you about how wolves helped the population of beavers since they thinned out the elk who were consuming part of the beaver's food source as Yellowstone Park mentions. National Geographic documents how ranchers near Yellowstone aren't as happy about the wolf population.

No matter which side of the wolf debate you are on, it's fascinating to watch these wild animals in their element.

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