Last week I got a new, street legal, side by side. The very first thing I learned while driving around, is that some people aren't aware of the basic hand/arm signals used as indicators to other drivers.

My side by side has brake lights and headlights, just no turning signals. That means that legally I better know how to signal to others on the road, what my plans are.

In just the first day, I had two drivers tell me I was "number one", one that thought I was waving at them and one that pointed back at me. Fair enough, those drivers were just trying to return a kind, or not so kind, gesture back.

I then realized that not every driver was aware or the standard hand/arm signals. I've also noticed that many bicycle and motorcycle riders aren't aware that they're supposed to be using those same hand/arm signals too. I know we all think that other people should know what we're going to do, but most don't.

Thanks to Car and, I hope we can all familiarize ourselves with the proper hand/arm signals to keep you and ME safe. When you took your driving test, these are the three signals that you should've learned and probably were tested on.

There are 3 basic hand/arm signals to use to indicate your intentions while on the road.


Turn Signal - Right graphic
Jeff XU Car and Driver


Turn Signal - left graphic
Jeff XU Car and Driver


Turn Signal - stop graphic
Jeff XU Car and Driver

You may never have to personally use these hand/arm signals, but I'll guarantee that you'll see them being used. It's just as important that you know them, and if need be, use them as it is to know and use the turn signals in your vehicle.

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