You may think that only gearheads are washing their cars during the winter months, but  if you're driving during the winter you should be in line at the car wash too.

According to Jim Dvorak from Mothers car-care products

Any accumulation of soil, ice and road salt will be more likely to cause corrosion

If you look at your car after a winter storm, you'll notice that white residue that looks like you've been out riding on gravel roads. That is result of the road treatment that is put down to prevent ice build up that may cause accidents.

Even though is seems like a pain, you should be washing your car every couple weeks during the winter. Taking the extra time to give your car a bath can cut down on future repairs due to the corrosion on your cars bodywork and possible mechanical issues that the salt can cause too.

Your ride will thank you for taking extra time to take care of it. Luckily after dealing with an extreme cold snap, there will be a couple decent days where you can wash your car and you won't have an issue finding the perfect car wash to do it.

According to car maintenance professionals, you should try to wash your car once every couple weeks during the winter months. Even if you keep your car in the garage, if the tires are on the road at all, you should be washing it. Make sure you choose a car wash that focuses time on the undercarriage and washes the salt and grime away.

The Car Wash industry is widespread all over the area. In Casper there are well over 20 self & automatic car washes and car detailing businesses all over the city.

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Another important area that needs to be cleaned during the winter months is the garage floor. If you park your car in there (and don't wash it before you park it) you're garage is covered with the same salt, sand and grime that you find on your vehicles interior and outer surfaces.

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