Travel site has a goofy list The Most Annoying Question To Ask People From Each State. Some of them really are funny, but Wyoming suffers a number of stereotypes. If Thrillist was right, our most annoying question is, “Are you worried about living on top of a giant supervolcano?” (If we were that worried would we be here?)

Some other most annoying questions for a Wyomingite:

Do you just not like being around people? (Just some people.)

Didn't everyone in Wyoming vote for Trump? (Uh, no, not everyone did.)

It's the Cowboy State. Does everyone wear boots? (Only when it snows.)

Do you ever miss an episode of Longmire? (As a matter of fact, no.)

Do you live in Dick Cheny's neighborhood? (No, but I bet it's nice.)

Do you all ride bulls? (No, but there are a few rodeos every year.)