It started as a random off-air conversation.

I think it all started when I saw an announcement from a friend of mine that she was going to be a "GiGi" for the first time ever. And I mentioned to Drew that I wanted to be called "GiGi" as well.

He then proceeded to tell me that I didn't get to choose my nickname as a Grandma; it was something that needed to be given to me by my grandchildren.

Now, keep in mind that my oldest child is 16, and I don't foresee that I need to have this situation under control for many more years. But, it kind of became a hot topic in the My Country 95.5 studio.

So, we decided to let our listeners solve the argument discussion.

We asked you, "What name do you call your grandma and grandpa? Should grandparents get to choose the name they're called?"

And here are some of your answers.

What Do Wyomingites Call Their Granparents?

We asked what do YOU call your grandparents, or what do your grandkids call you?

It seems like we have a little bit of everything! From grandkids picking nicknames for grandparents to following multi-generation family traditions.

Nationwide (and statewide), the most popular nickname for Grandma is "Nana," and Grandpa is "Papa."

I don't think I saw a single "Nana" on our list of answers from you.

I think in the end it's really up to the family to decide, and since that's the case...I'm telling my kids now that I will be "GiGi."

Below is a look at ALL of your comments on our Facebook post.

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