FACT: Every music group has needs. FACT: It is the responsibility of the festival/venue staff to accommodate those needs... particularly if there is a contract dictating the terms of those needs. With that in mind, more often than not, our headliners require some food following their sets on the Beartrap stage - and we're more than happy to help out.

Not wanting to give our stars anything but the best in town, we decided to order dinner for Steve Earle and the Dukes from FireRock Steakhouse in Casper. If you've been to the FireRock before, you know that they have one of the best menus in Casper and it can sometimes be difficult to decide on just one item. Difficult... but not impossible. Check out what Steve and the Dukes picked off of the menu.

Comment and tell us YOUR favorite food from FireRock.

Steve Earle FireRock Steakhouse Menu