Usually you don't ask for other people's opinion, because we all know, they're going to give it to you an may not be anywhere close to what you want.

On a rare occasion, the moment you've been waiting for...someone actually asks you for you opinion. In this particular case, there's actually no wrong answer, so your opinion counts.

Living in Wyoming, there's a good chance you know at least a little bit of the history and what the state has to offer. From awe-inspiring views, to a staggering amount of hunting and fishing options, a magnificent history that has ties to some major moments in United States history and an enormous amount of pride, Wyoming's appeal is mighty.

After the new world was settled in the 1600's, it was almost 300 years before Wyoming was made a state. The worst part of that, is the early settlers in America didn't know what they were missing.

I'm pretty certain the beauty was overwhelming and the vast plains were full of bison, deer, elk and moose, but it's pretty safe to say that Wyoming wasn't nearly as great as we know it today.

In a small survey done on social media, I asked for your opinion and really wanted to hear it. The question should've been simple, but if you thought too long or hard about it, it may've been one of the toughest questions.

The simple/ not simple question was:

What the one thing the set Wyoming apart from the other 49 states?

The reason I said that Wyoming wasn't "nearly as great as we know it today", is because the most given answer to the question...The people.

The way Wyomingites look at life is different than other places and the people of Wyoming are the backbone of the reason why.

  • Help your neighbor and work hard, but play even harder.
  • Hunt, fish and love every day.
  • If you come to Wyoming, keep your politics where you came from.
  • Be prepared at all times for any situation.

When you think of Wyoming, this famous quote comes to mind

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” ― Ferris Bueller

Wyoming may be the most laid back state with the most laid back folks, but you won't find better people anywhere in the U.S.A..

Check out what some Wyomingites said was the ONE (could be BEST) thing that sets Wyoming apart from the other states.

Awesome Wyoming 1
Awesome Wyoming 2

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