You want to come visit Wyoming? Cool. Oh, you are bringing your inflatable island with you? Awesome. Hold on a second while I go make myself some popcorn to watch what happens.

I'm not exactly sure where this happened. It's obviously near a lake. The person who shared the video mentioned the derecho event that happened earlier this summer beginning in Wyoming and going across the Midwest doing major damage in Iowa. This is what happened to their inflatable island at the beginning of that storm.

Here's how they described it:

The summer of 2020 a Derecho rumbled through from Wyoming all the way to the east coast leaving a swath of destruction in its wake. Our inflatable island that was on shore & anchored with several heavy weighted Adirondack chairs ended up flying like a giant dumb bird.

The island weighs around 40 pounds which isn't a match for our Wyoming winds on a regular day. Just about every trampoline owner in Wyoming can tell you stories about how theirs has flown several hundred yards at some point in time.

Welcome to Wyoming.

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