Surely no one would decide where they want to live in Wyoming based on the most bars per 10,000 people. Well, maybe at one time this guy would.

It's just kind of funny to see this, isn't it? "Hey look, it's a bar map."

Is any one county exactly the one you expected to be the most shaded? Some of us are surprised about Albany County - home to Laramie, 10,000 U-Dub students and some of the best night life in our state, wasn't as huge as Carbon County. Well, it is much bigger, but Carbon has many little tourist towns, serving jovial vacationers. That's all we can figure.

Natrona and Laramie Counties (with the two largest cities, Casper and Cheyenne), do not have as much density as some may have guessed. Is that a surprise?

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