Dean Treml, Red Bull Photofiles via Getty Images

If you're this kid, you've just made it in to the record books...and luckily, lived to tell about it.

Let's set the stage.  It was field trip day for Windsor High School.  Our unnamed 17 year-old was on San Fran's Golden Gate Bridge with his Windsor High School classmates, when he suddenly felt the urge for a swim and jumped from 220 feet.
And apparently it was just what the doctor (and God) ordered.  NBC Bay Area News reported that after surfers helped the new coolest kid in school to the shore, he was actually able to walk by himself, and really only had scratches and bruises to show for his efforts.
"So guess where we're partyin' next weekend?!"   Seriously, kids, jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge can be seriously damaging to your health.  We recommend you don't try fact stay away from bridges, altogether.
No explanation as of yet as to why he jumped from the bridge, but it didn't appear to be a suicidal one, and could have possibly been done on a dare.  Hope it was a "triple-dog."
I'm sure the kid's dad is just a little jealous.
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