This summer has been a big summer for the Shriners Hospital thanks to the work that the Casper Shrine Club has been doing, and they're not finished yet.

If you didn't know, Shriners Hospital is a non-profit children's hospital that treats kids from all over the world that qualify, with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal chord issues and cleft palate. The amazing thing is, they treat the kids for free and even take care of the families travel, lodging and other accommodations.

With the costs of major medical treatments, there aren't many families that could afford to give their children the care and treatment that is needed for them to live the life they deserve. That's where Shriners Hospital steps in.

The Shriners Hospital goal: to change and improve lives.

The Casper Shrine Club is one of many Shrine clubs from around Wyoming and the country that works to help the Shriners Kids. Throughout the year, the club works to raise funds to support that hospitals.

Some of those events are:

  • Thankful Thursday
  • Annual Shrine Bowl (High School Football All-Star Week)
  • Vidalia Onion Sale
  • Wing Ding

In 2022, the success of the Casper Shrine Club has been great. On Thankful Thursday, the club was able to raise one the highest amounts of the year, the Shrine Bowl helped raise over $50,000 and they sold 16,000 pounds of Vidalia onions. These are just some of the events the club puts on to help the kids.

The next big event is coming August 27th, it's the 4th Annual Casper Shrine Club Wing Ding. The event takes place at the Shrine Club 1501 West 39th Street in Casper.

The Wing Ding is a chicken wing cooking and eating contest that is open to everyone. As a matter of fact, if you have a great wing recipe, you're invited to enter the contest to show off your skills. If you're a restaurant or individual that loves to make hot wings, this contest is for you.

If you love to EAT hot wings and feel you are the wing eating champion, you can enter into the wing eating contest.

If you just love to eat wings, drink beer, hang out with your family and friends and help a great cause, this event is for you too.

If you'd like to be a sponsor and make an impact that way, there are several sponsorship opportunities available

You can enter the contests or find out about sponsorships now by contacting the Casper Shrine Club on Facebook, calling the Wind Ding chairman Greg Breed 307-259-5818 or  the Shrine Club (307) 234-6154. 

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