In 1950 a tradition began that would change the University of Wyoming, that tradition's name is 'Cowboy Joe'.

The Tradition Of Cowboy Joe
University of Wyoming

In 1950, the Farthing family out of Cheyenne donated Cowboy Joe I to the University to be used as the schools mascot. Over the 72 years since Cowboy Joe I came on the scene, there have been a total of 5 Shetland Ponies that have dawned the name Cowboy Joe.

When Joe I was born in 1950, his mother died and the Farthing family said that if the pony made it through the night by himself, they would donate him to the University of Wyoming because he showed true resiliency and the spirt of the West.

Just like many superstar celebrities, Cowboy Joe has an entourage of students that keep him in tip top shape. There are 4 UW students that get the honor of caring for Joe and spending lots of time with the pony by being his handlers and joining him at all of his events. The students apply for the chance to be part of the team and care for him.

When you see Joe, you see a horse that seems to be on his best behavior at all times. That's because of all the hard work the handlers put in with him. The current Cowboy Joe is 7 years old and spent time with Cowboy Joe IV, where he was able to learn from that horse and figure out what was going on.

Cowboy Joe V, can be seen at MANY events around campus, in parades and leading the band and team for Cowboy Walk before the home football games.

Wyoming's Legendary Pony Cowboy Joe

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