This could be coincidence, but I don't think so. I have a theory that Casper has more nails in the streets than any other city in the history of forever and I think I can prove it.

I had this little beauty embed itself in my tire over the weekend.

Doc Holliday

Thanks to that, I am now on a first name basis with all the tire repair guys in Casper. As if that wasn't enough, my wife came across this one while crossing the street taking my kids to school.

Doc Holliday

The tire repair guys that took care of my first nail said this is an extremely common Casper thing. We leave nails in the road apparently. It's tradition. That's good news if you're the tire repair guys.

Am I overreacting or is this something you've had the non-pleasure to experience? Has my family moved to a village that is 80% carpenters?