These days we see all the decorations out in stores long before Halloween, but when is it OK for people in Wyoming to start decorating for Christmas?

It used to get under my skin to see bows, trees, lights and other decorations out on store shelves.  But as I've gotten older, it doesn't seem to phase me as much.  I actually wonder if I'm getting desensitized to it happening earlier and earlier each year?

Still, one of the biggest things I've come to know about living in Wyoming is that we have to take advantage of good weather days as they happen.  Which got me wondering - when is it OK to decorate for Christmas in Wyoming?

Should Wyomingites take advantage of good weather and get decorations up while it's still warm regardless of date?  Or is it poor etiquette to put up Christmas decorations prior to Thanksgiving??

Tell us your thoughts by answering the poll question below.

Thanks!  Keep an eye out for the published results coming soon!