As we welcome the arrival of a new year, some men might be looking to update their wardrobe with a new suit or sport coat.  But where is the best place to look for men's dress clothes in Casper?

Within the next few weeks I will be attending several functions that will require me to dawn a sport coat or a suit and tie.  But there in lies a problem, you see - I got into radio so I wouldn't have to wear a suit and tie anymore!  About ten years ago, I actually donated all of my suits, ties and assorted dress clothes to help those less fortunate looking for employment, needing clothes to wear on job interviews. So, here I stand with a closet full of t-shirts, most of which I've acquired over the years from concerts, clubs, charities and of course even more that are alcohol related.

Knowing that I was about to embark on a shopping trip, but like most men, I hate! With my hand forced to the fire, it was time to go clothes shopping for dress clothes... But then the question arose.  Where is the best place to go in Casper for men's dress clothes?


Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters

I began my search for dress clothes in downtown Casper at Lou Taubert's on 2nd street.  That's where I buy my jeans because of their great selection and they almost always have my size in stock! Plus, I knew they had a department where I would find lots of nice sports coats, shirts and a really good selection of suits in stock and in my size.

Lou Taubert's didn't disappoint!  I found an entire rack of sport coats as well as suits to choose from in a variety of styles from traditional to western and yes - in my size. With some help from a pair of very friendly sales associates, I found several jackets that I liked at really good prices.  But I am pretty particular about my style and look, so I held off on purchasing and decided to see what else Casper had available, knowing I could come back and grab one.


Boot Barn

Next up in my quest, I drove across town and stopped in at the Boot Barn to see what they might have in stock.  I walked in and was greeted by a sales associate, but was then left to shop on my own.  The store had lots of western clothing, but very little in the form of dress clothes.  There were only 3 or 4 different sport coat styles to choose from and they didn't fit what I had in mind for my look.


JC Penny

When I first started wearing dress clothes, I remembered finding lot of great bargains and selection at JC Penny and other mall associated stores.  Unfortunately, our JC Penny had very little to choose from and only 2 sport coats in my size.  A sales associate asked me from across the men's clothing department if I was "finding everything alright", to which I replied "Not really".  I was expecting a follow up question or some sort of assistance, so imagine my surprise and confusion when the young lady said "Ok" and simply walked away.



Next up, I walked through the mall to have a look at what Macy's might have to offer. Lots of people told me that Macy's was the place to go for men's dress clothes. What I found was a lot of suits and sport coats crammed into a corner of the store.  As I squeezed between racks of pants in various colors and styles, I found several nice sport coats and suit styles but only one of which was available in my size.  A helpful young lady provided some assistance in looking for correct sizes, but spent most of her time apologizing for their limited stock on hand in my size.  Did you know that Casper's Macy's is the second smallest in the US?  I didn't either, but that's what she told me.



Time for one last stop, so I dropped into Kohl's on the east side of town.  As I walked in, I was greeted by the cashier, but provided very little in the way of help early on.  The time on the clock said it was getting late and most all of the associates were restocking and cleaning their areas and I was pretty much on my own to shop.  But, the selection of suit combinations, sport coats and other dress clothes was a sight for sore eyes.  Finding at least a dozen different jackets in my size and many in my style range, I was very happy and the prices were in the ball park with every place else I'd shopped.

I was fortunate to find a sport coat that I liked, but it was a bit more more money than I was hoping to spend.  A sign on the rack informed customers that they were "On sale", but the sale description left me wondering if the sport coat I'd found was discounted or not.  After finding and asking an associate for assistance, she informed me that the sport coat I had found was indeed "On sale" and provided me with even more help in finding several dress shirts in my size to match. I must admit, I was impressed with the overall selection of dress shirts from which Kohl's had to choose.  Lots of brand names, styles and colors.


Final Conclusion

After spending an afternoon running around and looking at dress clothes, I found the best overall selection dress clothes with reasonable prices to be found at Kohl's.  Lots of suit combinations, sport coats and dress shirts and other accessories to choose between in a complete range of sizes.

Lou Taubert's offered my best shopping experience with a great selection of western styles and personalized customer service.  Plus their prices were on par or slightly less then all of the other big box stores, even up against their sale prices.

In conclusion, let me say that these were the only five stores that I shopped at in my quest for dress clothes.  But guys, if you're looking to dress up your wardrobe you can save yourself some time and money spent running all over Casper, by starting at one or both of these two stores.


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