Is there a wireless carrier in Southeastern, Wyoming that’s taken great care of you? Which is Cheyenne’s best, or worst, wireless customer service?

This is not about best/worst coverage in town. This is about carrier customer service.

I love my local “The Geek Squad.” I’ve found that these kids are never the problem. They actually help me deal with any problem. My phone is also never the problem. It’s the cell carrier's “customer service.”

Recently, one call feature on my new phone wasn’t working. The squad discovered I had to call my carrier’s customer service. They even made a call for me, to question why the feature was not activated. First, my own carrier tried to say it was not available on my device. I said, “Yes, it is. One Geek Squad member just showed it to me working fine, on his own same new device, but a different carrier.” I'd like to think this “service” person wasn't lying to me. If there was that much ignorance about it, however, that idea wasn't comforting either. The communication got only worse until my geeks got the truth-The carrier had disabled the feature.

This wasn’t my first bad time with my own carrier. After this experience, now I’m wondering who my next carrier will be. If you’d like to help, and likely help others, answer the poll below, if you would, and thanks for your vote.