A wide-spread haze has settled over Casper; the smoke is coming from regional wildfires across the western United States.

The current air quality is 43, which is "satisfactory and poses little or no health risk," according to BreezOmeter.


As peak fire season for the western U.S. picks up, we will likely see more days of this ahead.

Peak fire season lasts through October, which can be especially hard on people with sensitive lungs.

According to the CDC, potential symptoms wildfire smoke inhalation can resemble allergies, with the addition of coughing, headaches and an increased heart rate.

The most sensitive groups include the elderly, pregnant women, children and people who have a history of respiratory or heart related illnesses.

The best ways to decrease the effect that wildfire smoke has on you are to stay indoors whenever possible, use an air purifier in your home, don’t add to indoor pollution by lighting candles, and if you do have to go outside, wear a well-fitted N95 mask.

During wildfire season, make sure to pay attention to the air quality levels.

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