Have you noticed how hazy our afternoons have become over the past few days?

That's not humidity, though there has been some of that. It's smoke from Western fires.

It is nowhere near as bad as it was last year at this time. That's because we are slowly coming out of a drought, so there are not as many fires.

Still, there are always dry spots and always summer fires.

This map shows you where the fires and smoke are coming from.

The first view of the entire nation From AIR NOW.

attachment-Smoke & Fire Map

There are a few areas where you can see darker patches of smoke. But mostly we are dealing with a light haze, at this time.

Most of this hazy smoke is from Idaho. The Moose Fire is sending that haze across Wyoming at this time.

There is a high-pressure system that has dragged a lot of heat up from the desert southwestern states and across the country.

That system has been dragging the smoke from those more western fires with it.

Here is a close look at the smoke in our area as of Wednesday 07/20/22.

attachment-Wyoming Smoke Map

The thickness of the smoke in our air depends on where the fires are, how smoky those fires are, and how the wind is moving.

That high-pressure system that has been stalled over us is also pushing the smoke down on us, making it seem worse.

This haze is annoying but it nowhere near as bad as it was last summer when we were mostly dealing with yellow skies and are eyes were watering even when we were inside.

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