UPDATE: The owner of this property has been found, and the sheriff is now involved in contacting the vlogger. She and her friends WERE trespassing. Reminder: If you don't have specific permission to be on someone else's property from the owner, stay away.

One of the things that we all love about Wyoming is its Western History.

And a big part of that is the homesteaders that helped to make our state what it is.

You can find dozens of abandoned homesteads driving around the state of Wyoming. In fact, one of my favorites is less than an hour away in Esterbrook, a small town outside of Douglas.

So, when I saw a video on YouTube of an abandoned homestead in Douglas, Wyoming I decided to take a look.

Jennifer Tennant via YouTube
Jennifer Tennant via YouTube

But, as I watched, I began to have more and more questions.

Like, did this vlogger (and her friends) have permission to be on this property?

Their comments about getting in trouble for "stealing" if they took one of the chairs in the home led me to think that they did NOT know the owner.

Jennifer Tennant via YouTube
Jennifer Tennant via YouTube

In Wyoming, it's an unwritten rule (and often an actual written rule) to not trespass on someone else's property.

Even if you know the owner, it's often a good idea to let them know you'll be stopping by.

After all, one of our state's mottos is "Consider everyone armed."

Take a look at this video and tell us what you think...was it okay for this vlogger and her friends to explore and film this "Abandonded Homestead?"

Do any of you know where this Homestead is located? I asked a few of my friends that live locally, and they didn't recognize it.

And we'd like to know, do you think this group was within their rights to wander around this property?

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