Natrona County, Converse County, along with Wyoming Game And Fish have put a ban on open fires in many WGFD public access and other areas around the counties.

Wildfires cause billions of dollars of damage every year in the United States. Many people have died over the years from wildfires, but thankfully over the last 40 years those numbers haven't had a major increase.

In Wyoming, there have been 3,235 total wildfires and a total of 969,075 acres burned since 1983. Those numbers are high enough to put Wyoming at #13 of the 50 states for most fires and acreage.

Speaking with Matt Pollock, WGFD habitat and access coordinator in the Casper region, on the weekly show Wyoming Hookin' & Huntin' Outdoors. A fire ban is in public access areas along the North Platte River.

Areas in the Game & Fish Casper Region that are currently under the ban are:

  • North Platte River-Big Muddy Bridge
  • North Platte River-Big Muddy Pond
  • North Platte River-Bixby
  • North Platte River-By the Way Ranch
  • North Platte River-Cardwell
  • North Platte River-Dave Johnston Power Plant
  • North Platte River-Hartnett
  • North Platte River-Lusby
  • North Platte River-Mills Bridge
  • North Platte River-Orin Junction Bridge
  • North Platte River-PacifiCorp
  • North Platte River-Paradise Valley
  • North Platte River-Rabbit Hill
  • North Platte River-Robertson Road
  • North Platte River-Schmitt
  • North Platte River-South Douglas
  • North Platte River-Speck/Bessemer Bend
  • North Platte River-Wyoming Fly Casters Memorial

Stage 1 fire ban

The ban prohibits any type of fireworks in unimproved areas (fireworks are not legal in Natrona County at all), also building any open fires on county or state owned/ operated lands.

There are a few exceptions:

  • Campfires at residence or campsite with fire ring and at least 15 feet of cleared space around ring
  • Burning trash between 6pm-8am inside containers and cleared 15 feet radius
  • Enclosed charcoal or gas grills
  • Cutting torches, welders or grinders in cleared area with radius of 15 feet of burnable materials
  • Portable stoves (camp stoves), lanterns as long as there is a cleared 15 foot radius

The ban is in place to protect wildlife, public lands and the public that may also be in the general area. Be smart and don't be the cause of a destructive Wyoming wildfire. Also make sure you and your family are ready for fire related emergencies.

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