It was just a few years back that Glendo Reservoir was so full, camping there was barely possible.  This year, with the amount of water in the North Platte Drainage, it appears that Glendo could reach flood levels once again.

As of this morning Glendo Res. was taking in 6284 CFS or about 2.8 million gallons of water a minute!  With an out put of only 1295 CFS, Glendo Reservoir's lake level has risen almost 4 feet in 4 days.  And with warmer temps on the way over the next few days, the rate of inflow is not expected to drop off anytime soon.

Glendo is adding 2.8 million gallons of water a minute or 168 million gallons an hour.  That's enough water to fill 254 Olympic size swimming pools every hour!!!!

At this rate it will only be a few weeks and Glendo will be at or above flood stage.  That means Glendo could see several campgrounds flooded by Memorial Day weekend, as well as for much of the summer.

If you are one of many who are making plans to head to Glendo Reservoir this summer you should keep an eye on lake levels.  Parking for boat trailers and camping spots will be at a premium starting Memorial Day weekend as well as the into the month of June, with not only Wyoming residents visiting the lake, but also visitors from other states coming to fish and play.

Wyoming State Parks has set up a Glendo Info line for visitors to get the most up-to-date info and issued a press release - CLICK HERE

For more on lake levels at Glendo Res. - Click Here.

For Glendo State Park Information - Click Here.

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