The water at Pathfinder reservoir is on the rise and with in a few days, it will be spilling over the new spillway extension.  The reservoir is currently 95.5% full and more water is flowing into the lake than is flowing out, the difference is 3000 CFS.

As I headed out to the reservoir this week to sneak in a quick fishing trip and was amazed at how much the lake had risen in just a few days.  Not to mention the amazing sunset we witnessed out on the lake (see video above).

The reservoir only has two more feet to rise before it will reach the top of the dam extension and will soon be spilling over the dam into the Fremont Canyon below.

This is an event that has only happens on high water years, like the one we are experiencing now.  I plan on checking it again next week, but as of right now, my guess is that the overflow will begin flowing over the spillway before Memorial Day Weekend.

Time to start planning a day trip with the family and friends to enjoy the view.

Brad Ressler, Remax Group