Fremont Canyon is located near Casper, Wyoming.

Specifically about 4 miles southwest of Pathfinder Dam.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It's a favorite local spot for fishing and kayaking and it's even accessible by boat through Alcova Reservoir.

And, while I know it's a bit early to talk about swimming and boating in Fremont Canyon, I came across a TikTok video that had me dreaming of Summer days spent on the water.

Though let me be clear, I definitely am NOT dreaming of participating in the particular adventure that @dedli93 shared on his TikTok account.

In the video, Edlin shows a video of him using a rope swing in Fremont Canyon.

While the video was posted recently, it's definitely NOT from the last month or so.

And when I say he was using a "rope swing" I feel like I really mean...he tied a rope to a harness and took a running jump into the canyon and then swung over 300 feet in the air over the water.

Take a look...

@dedli93 3rd time’s a charm? #wyoming #canyon #ropeswing #bridge #gorge #wyomingcheck #wyominglife #cliffjump #river #thrill #jump #jumping #adrenaline #cliff ♬ Way down We Go - KALEO

Did it make you gasp too, or is that just me? I"m sure many of you were waiting for the "big finish" when Eldin unclipped and dropped into the water. But that's actually not how it ended. Here's a look at the full time swinging.

@dedli93 Reply to @mattyjonessalida Just kept slowing down until you release into the water. #ropeswing #cliffjump #swing #original #jump #thrill #bridgejump ♬ original sound - Daniel Edlin

And here's a look at how he actually got down.

@dedli93 via Tiktok
@dedli93 via Tiktok

It turns out Eldin didn't splash into the water, but instead slowly lowered himself down into his friend's kayak.

This is not a criticism, by the way. You couldn't have gotten me anywhere near the canyon edge, much less swinging through it on a rope.

Based on many of the comments on his video, people would like to see him try and splash into the water...I wonder if he'll be back this Summer to give it a try?

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