As quick search for boudoir photography sites on the internet netted over 130k matches.  But not many of those sights boast photos like these!  Best of all, these photos were shot right here in Wyoming!!

Lane Savage of Riverton, Wyoming was man enough to volunteer for a photo project by Cheryl Leavitt as she was hoping it would stand out and be something completely different - she calls it 'Redneck Dudeoir'.  It's a boudoir styled sexy male photo shoot (just remember, beauty is in the eye of the beer holder) intended for the ladies.

The photo shoot started out as simply trying to do something different and once completed, they were shared on Facebook to have a little fun.  But that fun has steamed rolled and now Lane is becoming a bit of a local celebrity as the pics have gone viral with over 58k views in 2 days.  There were over 50 photos taken by Riverton photographer Cheryl Leavitt, owner of 'Sweet Faces by Cheryl'.

Ladies, in case you were curious - Lane is indeed single and since doing his 'Redneck Dudeoir' photo shoot, has received tons of comments and much more.  Lane was recently stopped for his autograph at a gas station, received a marriage proposal and even had his photos shared by a 'Hot Guy' photos page on Facebook. Next thing you know, Lane might be doing TV commercials or Magazine Ads or something?? Way to go Lane!!

If you're in or around Riverton or live in Wyoming and would like to do your own 'Redneck Dudeoir' photo shoot, you can Contact Cheryl Leavitt on Facebook @ Sweet Faces by Cheryl.  A huge Thanks to Cheryl for allowing us permission to use her photos and share her idea and kudos to Lane for having the stones to do the modeling!